Theresa L. Armstrong
Virginia Artist
Oil and Watercolor Paintings
Mood Struck Art
I was completely surprised to discover at the late age of 50 that I could paint. I expressed a fondness for Chinese art and was given a Christmas present of Sumi materials and supplies. After purchasing many how-to books and even more hours of practicing technique, pleasing works resulted. With my family's encouragement and support I continued to expand into other mediums, watercolors and then to oils.

I solicited the instruction of Donna Allen, VA, with watercolor portraiture techniques and Charles Brooks, NC, with tonal realism in landscaping. With an ever changing interest in subject matter and styles, the best description of my work was mood struck. When I see a subject in a different way, I strive to pass on the view to others. Whatever strikes my mood at the time is what I paint. Evolution in artist's work must be through experimentation and mastering the means of documenting ideas from ones brain. My mind is always an impulsive one and so I'm sure I will continue to delve into different perspectives and styles.
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